Do not prevent

Do not prevent The cubes put one on another is a highrise building; the cubes put one by one is a train.

Cubes it is possible to plan outlines of the boat or the house.

And so indefinitely.

The set of cubes and blocks of all sizes and forms costs ten toys for any child till years.

Do not prevent children to play in own way.

Often, playing with children, adults involuntarily do game too difficult.

For example, mother bought the daughter a doll with a clothes set.

She starts dressing a doll one after another.

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The child

The child It is quite seldom possible to meet young people who everything is all right concerning sense and the purpose in this life, have not enough such who is in peace with himself and with people around who has a clear prospect and understanding of how it is necessary to live in this today's world difficult, eternally changing, full of alarms and fear.

The child at first addresses to parents to define the necessary direction.

Whether it will find that looks for, at the parents, depends on two things.

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The window

The window Here it!



He wanted it to bite.

The girl opened eyes, saw bears and rushed to a window.

The window was open, she jumped out in a window and escaped.

And bears did not catch up with it.

OCCUPATION Occupation subject: we listen to the fairy tale Three Bears Preliminary work: cut out from a color insert of heroes of the fairy tale see fig.

, ; on the picture Whose traces?


paste firtrees over each bear so that it was possible to raise them; paint ware on the picture Ware of three bears fig.

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Once on a visit

Once on a visit For example, how you perceive failure which comprehended you, your spouse, the child?

As a rule, in modern families seldom discuss failures.

Typical reaction to failure is obvious from the following history.

Once on a visit the aunt came, and mother with pride started telling about Ryan's estimates: It has one five and two four, she told the aunt Janis.

We so are proud of its progress.

But, mother, at me also.

Ryan did not manage to end the phrase because mother interrupted him: Ryan, bring still coffee to the aunt Janis.

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How it was necessary

How it was necessary However Steve the person susceptible; he felt at once that arrived incorrectly.

How it was necessary to arrive, Ross?

You did not need to behave so sharply and negatively.

They and so already understood that should not have gossiped.

How many times they heard about it before?

To repeat do not gossip all the same what to repeat the earth round.

Each teenager knows that the earth round but if incessantly to tell him it, it is possible to succeed only in one to anger him.

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